Detailed iPad, digital Caricatures.

Wedding drawings can be produced via email and then printed on a canvas

         Digital images are a perfect for, a wedding centre piece or a perfect gift for weddings, Christmas or birthdays.

 These can be produced from emailed photographs.

Framed prints are for perfect gift for your loved one
Wedding Caricatures can be printed on board and this can be used for guests to comment and sign

These can be produced as, a wedding canvas or a wedding invitation image or a signed wedding centre piece.

Drawings are available via email or posted
hobbies or careers can be added to the image
Caricatures can be produced of several persons

 All that I require is, a few good clear facial photographs and

some amusing bits of insider information, on hobbies, past times or careers.

This can all be produced, via email & banking app payment.  

Prices  from: £100 for 1 person or Prices are £150 for two persons, including two hobbies And  pets or children can be added at an extra £30 each.  

This includes an A3 size print and postage.  (A canvas can be arranged, pricing is dependent on size required). 

Digital drawing can be framed and have any kind of hobby or pastime added

An ideal Gift. 

Canvas prints or a framed painting can be produced for a perfect birthday gift

Quicker iPad sketches also available, via email:

From £40 for 1 person or £60 for 2 persons. 

wedding art is highly popular and quick iPad images can also be produced and printed
quick drawings can be produced of a wedding guest
wedding images are a great idea for your big day
face images can be drawn quickly for your party event

Pet-People, Pet Caricature-Characters

These are a great way of, immortalising your pet.

A variety of standing body character images, are used (choice on request).

I redraw your pets face, on the body style requested.

These are priced at £60 including an a3 posted print.

Pet-People, Pet Caricature-Characters

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