Live digital drawing on an iPad

Highly entertaining colour iPad drawings, perfect for Corporate parties or Weddings. All produced while being drawn on, a large tv screen for all to see.

A digital download or Airdrop is supplied And/Or: They are then printed on a 6x4 inch glossy photo-paper. Price on request, these take around 7 minutes per guest.

Ideal for Corporate Events or any kind of event.

live caricatures on the iPad at your corporate event or fun day
Live drawing at your corporate party night
Ipad caricatures are a great way to amuse your party guests
the digital image can be airdropped, e-mailed or printed on photo paper

The drawing can be viewed on a tv screen, either supplied by the artist or use of the venue screen. Or a LED screen projector can be used, to shine the image, on a wall or screen. 

The image is projected live, so all guest can see the image being drawn in real time! Thus creating a highly amusing atmosphere, the image can then (if required) be printed by the artist, on a 6 x 4 inch high quality photo-print.

live iPad caricatures are perfect for any kind of event

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digital caricatures are highly amusing
A quick 5 minute digital image can be drawn in real time whilst being linked to a screen