Live Wedding Portrait,watercolour illustration.

By Coley, The Norfolk Wedding artist.

the Norfolk wedding artist Coley, will draw and paint on your wedding day in watercolour.

Postcard size watercolour full body images, in fashion style painting. 

wedding Portraits available, in full colour in watercolour

The guests can have a choice of mini-Portraits of the face only.

Single guests take around 5 minutes or couples around 10 minutes. 

watercolour postcard size portrait
watercolour painting for events
these portraits take around 10 minutes for a couple
mini portraits
watercolour portraits
5 minute watercolour portraits of wedding guests
wedding artist at work drawing

Wedding art is a highly popular wedding adage, a great way to immortalise  you and your guests. Times can be arrange from 2 or more hours to entertain your guests. An extendedtime can be arrange with your artist. Up to 5 hours. 

I will be your Wedding illustration, Artist for the day.

Producing watercolour & pen paintings of your guests, these take roughly 7 minutes per person.

Pricing is:

£600 for 2 hours

£800 for 3 hours.

£1,000 for 4 hours.

£1,500 for 5 hours.


The most popular package, is a signature pack, a choice of any genre:

A watercolour mini-trait (postcard size portrait), an a3 caricature or a silhouette cut-out, so which ever the guest requests.

The Ultimate supremo: £1,500 for 4 hours. 

A perfect memento, a keepsake for life for your guests, to take home and keep forever.

Immortalising your big day.